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The AirMarket Team

Lindsay Mohr
Lindsay Mohr Founder & CEO

Jeremy Byatt
Jeremy Byatt SVP of Operations

Mark Wuennenberg
Mark Wuennenberg VP of Regulatory Affairs

Marc Dubrule
Marc Dubrule Aviation Technology SME & Chief Pilot

Scott Simmie
Scott Simmie Communications Specialist

Spencer Wynn
Spencer Wynn Graphic Artist

Gabriell Natha
Gabriell Natha Project Manager / Business Analyst

Extended Team

Yves Jusot
Yves Jusot Business Partner

Eric Kubica
Eric Kubica Business Partner

Asamm Khan
Asamm Khan Business Partner

Bertand Doucet
Bertand Doucet Advisor

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Head Office: #1 Irongate Place St Albert, Alberta, Canada, T8N 5J7

E: sales@airmarket.io