Universal Traffic Management Services

Universal Traffic Management Services

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What Can Our UTM System Do?



Pilot and Drone Registration are tracked and managed for Compliance.

Pre-Flight Analysis

Proposed flights requests are dynamically evaluated on the parameters you set, and prepared for approval.

Geolocation Rules

Geospatial operational flight constraints are entered into the system to assist in automated flight approvals.

Flight Approvals

Proposed flight requests can automatically or manually reviewed / amended for approval.

Realtime Cellular Tracking

Realtime tracking of drones is empowered by connectivity over the cellular network to provide oversight for airspace integration.

Airspace Surveillance

Integrate data feeds that identify Cooperative & Non-Cooperative air traffic using Radar, Scanning, ADS-B, etc,

Seperation & Monitoring Services

Ensuing minimum seperation distances between Manned and Unmanned air traffic. Realtime monitoring of flights for compliance.

Realtime Communications & Alerting

Direct realtime communication is facilitated via chat or mobile voice.

Billing Engine

Proposed flight requests are costed against the flight parameters you set.

Does Your Enterprise Need UTM Services?

Managed UTM Services

We provide COMPLY service as an turn-key managed service offering:

Tracking Hardware

Cellular based tracking hardware that realtime positioning of your aircraft.

COMPLY Software

Web based software used to manage, monitoring and safely integrate unmanned aviation.

Managed UTM Services

The COMPLY UTM Service

Use Cases


How our services can be used to empower your specific needs.


We help you manage and monitor enterprise flight operations from our command centre to meet your corporate & regulatory requirements.


We empower airports with situational awareness and ability to integrate UAV flights into airside operations.

Remote (Micro UTM)

We provide cellular connectivity and airspace surveillance to remotely conduct flight operations anywhere. ie: Wildfire Fighting, Mining, etc.