Flight Procedure Verification

Drone pilots can use SIMNET’s Turnkey Flight Controller Simulation to simulate the aircraft’s flight control system, allowing the pilot to connect their ground control station software and hardware to SIMNET to plan and execute autonomous and/or manual flight missions through the same control interface used in the field. This allows AIRmarket and other SIMNET users to verify flight plans and workflows before taking to the skies. 

Aircraft Performance Verification

Aircraft owners and manufacturers can use SIMNET’s Aircraft Database, which employs a proprietary physics engine that can capture the performance and flight characteristics of any multicopter, fixed-wing, VTOL, and rotary-wing UAS platform, and counts with an expanding database of real-life aircraft to simulate. This allows AIRmarket and other SIMNET users to input aircraft physics/parameters to verify their performance/capabilities before actual flight. 

Flight Operations Testing

SIMNET’s Worldwide Terrain Model allows users from drone pilots to trainees to simulate flight in any specific location around the globe. The terrain model can be augmented with custom 3D models and terrain datasets for customized solutions. Additional data such as fuel calculations or weather conditions can be added to mimic the actual flight. Thus, AIRmarket and other SIMNET users are able to simulate, test, and verify flights before the actual flight day. 

Training Integration

SIMNET’s Guided Training features take the application beyond a free-flight simulator and turn it into a complete training solution. This allows SIMNET users to create custom courses and training scenarios that automate, standardize, deliver, and track both theoretical and practical UAS operation lessons. SIMNET also allows third party integration, this supports AIRmarket’s suite of FLYsafe and SKYLINK ASTRA UTM, or other users’ third party applications to create a robust training program for new trainees in the RPAS industry. 





“SIMNET has become an invaluable tool in my everyday workflow. I lean heavily on SIMNET’s ability to produce accurate results when testing failsafe parameters, new standard operating procedures, flight planning efficiencies, and training footprints. Inevitably, before any RPAS pilot touches a real drone at AIRmarket, they’ve refined their skills with SIMNET.” – Cale Griffith, Chief Pilot, AIRmarket Inc.