“Look no further. The missing link is here! You have your ground school training, your insurance and now the tool to keep all your operational plans safe, organized and legal. With FLY-SAFE’s many features and intuitive interface, you’ll see it quickly become as mission-critical as your battery charger.”
“Aerobotika grads and students launching or running their own business will like how FLY-SAFE saves time to generate accurate, detailed site assessments. Creating a compliance report proves they meet their SFOC requirements,” says Kate Kienapple, Aerobotika Operations Manager.
Aerobotika is pleased to support Canadian software developer AIrMarket and their FLY-SAFE drone safety platform. It’s an easy to use flight planning tool that helps all drone flyers learn about airspace awareness so they can determine, ‘Is it safe to fly here?”
Commercial operators who have their UAV ground school training and insurance will love saving time to create their detailed site plans and a compliance report for customers and for their SFOC.”
~ Kate Kienapple, Coastal Drones, Port Coquitlam, BC

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