Revolutionizing Long Range Aerial Inspections

AirMarket Inc. is revolutionizing the way BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight)  long range drone missions will be conducted in the future.  It’s a matter of developing three critical components into one solution that hasn’t been seen before.  The first aspect is the use of the FLYSafe software that gives pilots a reliable and industry compliant way to manage, plan and fly a mission. The next is adding a sophisticated UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) such as the Cobalt, and finally, the third part of the puzzle is enhancing the UAS with Cellular Communications.  

AirMarket has taken delivery of the Cobalt 110 GVTOL UAS.  This is the game changer for aerial missions and inspections. In partnership with strategic partners like TELUS, a world –leading, Canadian communications technology company, AirMarket will push the boundaries of Low Altitude Long Endurance (LALE) applications starting in Alberta, Canada. 

“We’ve taken delivery of a very robust aircraft and enhanced it with cellular connectivity, along with other state of the art sensors. The onboard integration of SKYLINK UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) and cellular connectivity services is an essential part of our operational design.  This combination will provide us the foundation for gaining regulatory approval of our cellular UTM services in partnership with TELUS”, says Lindsay Mohr, CEO/CTO/Founder of AirMarket. This is a critical ecosystem of technologies that will impact the world of long range inspections for a variety of industries.  Adding the Cobalt allows AirMarket to effectively scale their inspection services.

Mark Dubrule, VP Aviation at,  inspecting the wing of the Cobalt 110 GVTOL during assembly.

The Cobalt 110 GVTOL, with a wingspan of 4.7 metres, and a flight time of 10 hours, will prove out the feasibility and efficiency of long linear inspection utilizing cellular connectivity. The Cobalt can efficiently enable the  remote inspection of critical infrastructure such as rail lines, electrical distribution, pipeline & energy infrastructure, to name a few.  As AirMarket’s flight hours and collected data increases, the approvals for UTM service offerings will be extended to their customer base. This enables AirMarket to focus on serving their commercial target markets within the Energy UTM Trials in northern Alberta. 

Additional environmental benefits of aerial inspection:

A critical aspect to the entire technology ecosystem –  it measurably demonstrates how this solution will contribute to Canada’s overall carbon footprint reduction strategy.  With up to 45x reduction in carbon emission compared to the use of helicopters for similar information, the Cobalt provides all facets of the energy sector with an immediate solution to reducing their carbon footprint.  This is a solution that does not compromise the collection of data required by industry regulators. With improved digital data, on a consistent basis, at a lower carbon footprint, the Canadian Energy sector has an unprecedented opportunity to benefit from the use of aerial inspections provided by AirMarket. 

This convergence of technologies doesn’t stop here. Anyone can put together a novel solution – the difference will be the impact this will have on regulations for the use and management of BVLOS drones and how they can provide a sustainable change on Canada’s carbon footprint.  

Some of our key partners include:

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