Uniting the Past, Present, and Future of Aviation

As part of our upcoming corporate white paper, AIRmarket has begun filming activities to develop a docuseries accompanying the white paper. This past weekend, a few members of the AIRmarket team went to the Alberta Aviation Museum to film the first part of the docuseries. 

During this session, Communications Specialist Ty Ferguson led Founder/CEO Lindsay Mohr through an on-camera discussion covering Canada’s rich aviation history, how that has led to the industry today, and how AIRmarket’s vision for RPAS Traffic Management services fits within that context. Look for the docuseries in the coming weeks. 

A big thank you to the team at the Alberta Aviation Museum for providing us with an amazing backdrop and visuals to bring this project to life! 

AIRmarket’s SKYLINK UTM is powered by ASTRA UTM and deployed in strategic partnership with TELUS Communications. 

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