Taking off to Start 2023

We’re “taking off” to a great start in 2023! Over the past few weeks, the team at AIRmarket has conducted several test flight missions to refine our SKYLINK Unmanned Traffic Management (“UTM”) services and business solutions. 

During these flights, AIRmarket is able to collect valuable data. Thermal & RGB data in the form of imagery and video was collected on the flights. Using the Spexi platform, we are able to process the imagery into subsequent data products for our customers. The video data is streamed to our Operations Control Center (OCC) for the development of our AI based Business Intelligence solutions. Lastly, cellular network performance is constantly being monitored and is building our understanding of how Unmanned Traffic Management services will support BVLOS flights at scale. These ongoing test flights are informing Transport Canada & NAV CANADA on how UTM services will empower RPAS BVLOS flight ops.

These flights also take a coordinated effort from our team members situated in numerous locations: 

  • Our Operations Control Center (OCC) in downtown Edmonton, AB
  • Our Flight Operations Centre (FOC) in Josephburg, AB
  • The chase aircraft (C172) in the skies of northern Alberta 

Each team member carries out an important role during these flight operations to ensure a safe & successful flight. 

We’ve also put together a video featuring our Chief Pilot, Cale Griffith. In this video, Cale summarizes the flight operations process and how this data delivers business intelligence.  Our newest team member Ty Ferguson, Communications Specialist, was instrumental in producing the accompanying video. Look for more work from Ty in the following weeks. 

AIRmarket’s SKYLINK UTM is powered by ASTRA UTM and deployed in strategic partnership with TELUS Communications.

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