AIRmarket & Omnispace Demonstrate SKYLINK in Saudi Arabia

In late September, Lindsay Mohr traveled to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, to demonstrate the SKYLINK solution architecture. SKYLINK is powered by AstraUTM, who are working with AIRmarket to develop the system in Canada.

 In conjunction, AIRmarket, Omnispace and UAV System International (UAVSI) successfully conducted a trial to demonstrate how seamless global voice and data connectivity is possible, in real-time, around the globe. Together, the companies tested direct-to-device ubiquitous mobile voice and data communications using both mobile cellular and Omnispace’s satellite non-terrestrial network (NTN) system on a UAVSI hexacopter. 

The drone was controlled remotely 10,000 kilometres away, at the AIRmarket HQ in Edmonton, Canada, and flown in Dhahran using the simulated hybrid satellite and cellular mobile network. To understand the complete system, watch the full video here:

Conducted at the Aramco, Dhahran Fire Training Center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the trial demonstrated the future Omnispace 5G non-terrestrial hybrid network architecture. The objective was to successfully connect a drone to both the Omnispace existing non-geostationary satellite orbit (NGSO) network and the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) cellular network. 

AIRmarket deployed its SKYLINK software stack to the hexacopter’s onboard companion computer, which empowered switching between cellular and satellite connectivity services. The connectivity services served the dual purpose of streaming the drones location to the SKYLINK UTM and providing Command & Control (C2).  AIRmarket also deployed ADS-B surveillance (uAvionix Ping Station) for tracking crewed aircraft in the adjacent airspace.  The combined data stream was integrated and visualized by the SKYLINK UTM system, and served to demonstrate how an integrated airspace could leverage ubiquitous connectivity for drone safety.  

SKYLINK UTM is powered by ASTRAUTM and is a strategic partner with AIRmarket to jointly deliver the future of integrated airspace.  This demonstration illustrates how UTM services will take advantage of ubiquitous connectivity capabilities for the safe integration of our skies.  

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