Valentine’s Day Kicks Off Flight Tests of the DeltaQuad BVLOS Drone

  • DeltaQuad Pro #Map is newest drone added to AIRmarket fleet
  • Another critical piece for AIRmarket’s work with Transport Canada

It’s not exactly flowers and candy, but the testing of our newest Drone, the DeltaQuad Pro #Map is a sweet way to spend the day! 

Here’s a  brief video showing our Chief Pilot, Cale Griffith,  completing one of the test runs of our newest addition to the AIRmarket fleet. 

Using AIRmarket’s FLYsafe software – an Enterprise Drone Management application, AIRmarket is onboarding the DeltaQuad as one of the BVLOS-capable aircraft for use with several projects. The DeltaQuad brings the following features to the FLYvision solution:

✔ 100km range 

✔ Flight time of up to 110 minutes

✔ 2.3 Meter Wingspan

✔ RGB, Multispectral & Thermal/IR

✔ Capable of coverage up to 1200 HA (3000 AC) in a single flight.

✔ 61 megapixel camera

✔ Live video connection with UAV

✔ LTE C2 link connecting to TELUS 

What’s not to love about this new drone? Once technology and flight testing is complete, the DeltaQuad will be added to AirMarkets’ fleet of advanced drones,  enhancing our capacity to provide quality Research and Development for the Transport Canada EUT Trials.

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